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Harmful insects
 Harmful insects are one type of invertebrate animals belonging to the insect family and the arthropod division. These insects exist in all kinds of environmental conditions and may cause harm to humans. They are based on transmitting the disease to the human body, such as cholera.
 Types of harmful insects There are many types of harmful cues, the most important of which are: [2]
Insects with limited damage, and this type of insects able individuals who have the place where it is easily eliminated. Insects with serious harm, these insects force the owner whereabouts to resort to insecticide specialists to get rid of them, and it should be noted that the need to ensure that the specialist holds a license from the Ministry of Environmental Quality. The insects are destroyed by the authorities, such as the local council, municipalities, village councils. The extermination is carried out under the supervision of an insecticide specialist. It is also possible to control these insects by the harmful insect control department. This section is part of the Ministry of Environmental Quality. Examples of harmful insects Examples of harmful insects: [3]
Cockroaches are one of the types of insects that move by jumping, hawking, flying, and spreading around the world, and has a large number of species, and the age of existence on the surface of the Earth is greater than the age of human existence, and features that have long horns and long wings, The cockroaches prefer to live in wet and wooden places where these places provide warmth and protection, and live heavily in houses, and multiply the clutches of eggs, and feed on human food, causing him many diseases, Such as typhoid, cholera, and transmission Many humans have parasitic worms, and it also causes food damage. Flies, and flies include many species, which is also a very harmful insects all over the world, and the fly has a pair of wings and also of pinch hairs, and these hairs are located in the back of the body of flies, and flies in areas that contain dirt where it It feeds on them and is therefore loaded with a great deal of pathogens for humans. These diseases include typhoid, child diarrhea, diphtheria, cholera, dysentery, amniotic and amygdala, as well as food poisoning. Fleas are a small, harmful insect that lives in the hair and on the human body and feeds on its blood, causing irritation and severe itchiness in the poke area. The fleas have a compact body and are covered with a cortical layer. They have six legs that end up with claws that enable them to cling to the family. The egg flees in the dirty places. After hatching, a white worm feeds on dirt and blood. The fleas remain in this phase for twenty-five weeks. Then they contract for a certain period and then emerge fully grown and able to grow. On the face In difficult living conditions, fleas are one of the methods that transport the tapeworm to the human body, and the plague, and the place of bite it causes the body itching severe.

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